About GesHotels

Our purpose is to maximise
the profitability of your hotel operations

+ 1000

Hotels audited

+ 6Million

Questionnaires distributed
a year

+ 350People

Form part of our
team in 35 countries


To improve the profitability
of your hotel operations


GesHotels was founded in 1995 in Palma de Mallorca.

Right from the start we positioned ourselves as a reliable hotel management tool fully committed to the best interests of our clients, valuing their most important asset, their guests, above all else.

Over the years and as a result of unbeatable travel companions, we have continued to grow to the extent that we now operate in more than 35 countries, with offices in all tourist destinations.


Our business strategy is one that looks to the future with a desire to keep building and exploring new destinations, always with the aim of providing our clients with the best experience possible.

GesHotels is one of the divisions of GrupoGes, a leading company in turning information into a tool that can be used to optimise the leadership and management of every business.